Admin settings - Adding a new language and translating the name of departments

Sneha Joshi Jun-10th, 2021 17:50 1 0

If you do not find the language you are looking for under Admin settings>>System>>Language,

you need to download the language file and proceed with the steps given below:

1. Go to admin settings>>System>>Language and from the hamburger icon on the top right corner choose 'add language'.

2. A form will be displayed on the screen. Please add the below details and click on add.

Title: Name of language
Code: Add language code
Character set: utf8
Direction: Choose from the drop down
Display order: 0

3. Now go back to the language listing page and from the hamburger icon, choose 'import'.

4. Select the name of the language from the drop down then upload the language file and click on add.

The new language is now added to your setup and you may enable it.

You can also translate the name of the departments in this language.

Go to admin settings>>Module properties>>Departments and open a department.

When you click on translate, the system will allow you to add the translations in different languages.


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