Get Contract Details

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This API is used to Get Contract Details
Please check example usage of Vision Helpdesk API

Operation : contract_details
Module : cmdb

$postfields["vis_module"] = "cmdb";
// This is the module under which you wish to perform operation

$postfields["vis_operation"] = "contract_details";
// This is the operation field

$postfields["vis_contract_id"] = 1 ;
// Contract id for which you wish to get details

Below is example API URL to fetch contract details

XML: vis_txtusername=admin &vis_txtuserpass=21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3 &vis_module=cmdb
&vis_contract_id=1 JSON: vis_txtusername=admin &vis_txtuserpass=21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3 &vis_module=cmdb
&vis_contract_id=1 &vis_encode=json

OR use "access token" to fetch contract details

XML: vis_txttoken=WXprMk1UY3dZV1V6WWpZeU16RmpOelF3TVdReE5UWTJOVGMyTm1VeU4yUT0= &vis_module=cmdb
&vis_contract_id=1 JSON vis_txttoken=WXprMk1UY3dZV1V6WWpZeU16RmpOelF3TVdReE5UWTJOVGMyTm1VeU4yUT0= &vis_module=cmdb
&vis_contract_id=1 &vis_encode=json 


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