How to create the First Ticket in Vision Helpdesk?

Karishma Sibal Apr-20th, 2015 12:15 0 0
Tickets can be created through various channels like email, social media, online chat, phone and even from the client portal. A ticket is created in Vision Helpdesk whenever a support request is received. With the help of different channels, tickets can be created. It is also possible to create a ticket manually by clicking on one of the following New Ticket button.

Quick steps to create a ticket:

  • Login to the staff portal or manage portal.
  • Go to the New tab >> Ticket in order to create the ticket.
  • Select the Department from the drop down for which the ticket is to be created.
  • Also select the channel from the drop down for which the ticket is to be created.
  • There can be an Internal ticket that can be created for the staff members by selecting it from the checkbox.
  • Type in the Clients email address to whom the ticket is to be send.
  • Enter the Subject and the message of the ticket.
  • If there are any of the Predefined replies that are to be added then it can be search from the Quick insert option.
  • If there are certain attachments that are to be send along with the ticket then this can be done from the Attach file option.
  • Also various ticket properties such as Status, Priority, Type and Assigned to can be set from here.
  • If there are any of the Custom fields that are added for the Staff ticket creation can be seen just below the properties of the tickets.
  • Also there are options that are present, such as the Send email, Autoresponder, Visible to client, As client that can be selected with the help of checklist.
  • After you are done with filling in the details, the ticket can be created using the Create Ticket option.
  • The ticket gets created which is preceded with the ticket hash.


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