How to manage staff roles

Karishma Sibal Apr-20th, 2015 15:33 2 0
Staff users can be added and managed by the admin and can be assigned with different access rights and permissions. There are teams that are assigned to each of the staff member and there are different permissions that are associated with each team. Different departments can be assigned with each of the team.

For Example
: If there are two teams: Staff and Administrator. The staff members under the Administrator will have all the permissions and access rights. The staff member under Staff will have limited permissions and access rights.
Different permissions and access rights can be given to the staff members depending upon the team type. Permissions and access rights that are provided to the teams can be assigned to the staff members.

Quick steps to add Staff members with different access rights and set permissions:

  • Log in to the Vision Helpdesk account as an administrator.
  • Go to the Settings >> Staff Section >> Team.
  • Add a team specifying the Department access for the particular team and assigning them with different access rights and permissions.
  • The particular team can be added using the Add option.
  • Now go to Settings >> Staff Section >> Staff.
  • Add the particular staff member and select the particular team from the drop down.
  • The access rights that are given to the team will be assigned to the particular staff member that belongs to that particular team.
  • Also there is an option to use the same departments that are assigned to the team or to use the different departments for the staff.
  • The particular staff can be added using the Add option.
Staff members can be managed and different access rights and permissions can be given to them depending upon the team they belong.


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