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How to use quick filters and create custom filters?

Dennis Braganza Apr-23rd, 2020 16:19 0 0

How to use quick filters and create custom filters?

Tickets are displayed in the incident listing board along with all the properties. There are two types of tickets mainly, External and Internal. The external tickets are submitted by clients through various external channels such as email, chat, social media, etc. Internal tickets are generated by the staff members through the staff portal and are for internal use only. Eg: A ticket generated for the backup of client database before an upgrade.

Quick filter is an advanced level of search option that can be applied to the entire ticket listing board which displays both, internal and external incidents. You can access quick filters from the filter icon

on the top right corner of inbox. This option takes it a step further by letting you decide the tickets that should appear in the search result as per the properties selected in filters. At the end it also lets you specify if you wish to include internal incidents for the search or not.

You can filter out tickets based on properties and view tickets that specifically match your criteria. If you have a recurring need to filter out tickets based on a specific criteria, you can define a filter based on all the required ticket properties and save it for future reference. This option is provided on the top right corner of the inbox. You can also land up on this page through the search

option provided on top of the ticket listing board that helps to narrow down your search module-wise throughout the system.

This advanced search option will redirect you to a page where you will have to add criteria in order to generate a filter and here itself you will find an option to save it for future reference.

The saved filters can be seen under “Filters” in the Inbox under the left hand panel.


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