Overriding WHMCS default support module with Vision Helpdesk

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Overiding WHMCS default support module means disabling WHMCS support module and using Vision Helpdesk support module in WHMCS. When your customers will login to WHMCS they will see links for Submit ticket,Support ticket, Knowledgebase, Announcements etc.

When a customer will click on any link in WHMCS that will redirect on Vision Helpdesk client portal and your staff can reply the ticket from Vision Helpdesk Manage portal. The idea is to use WHMCS only for billing and using Vision Helpdesk for support.

Follow below listed steps –

In Vision Helpdesk Setup Zip you will find WHMCS folder -- there is modules folder under it.

1) Copy folder vision4 from /whmcs/modules/support/vision4 to WHMCS installation — /modules/support/

2 A) If you Vision Helpdesk Support portal and WHMCS installed on SAME server then --

1.Edit integrate.php from your WHMCS installation -- /modules/support/vision4/integrate.php

In this file edit three lines --

define("VIS_PORTAL_PATH", "");
$hostName = " ";


define("VIS_PORTAL_PATH", "/home/username/public_html/support/");
$host = "";
Now in above example we assume you have installed Vision Helpdesk on and its files on server are located at
/home/username/public_html/support/ and include config.php file path of your Vision Helpdesk Support, If config.php also added at same location of integration.php so there is no need to add VIS_PORTAL_PATH before config.php in require_once function Like wise you can add your license domain and files path in integrate.php Save the integrate.php file.

2. Edit configuration.php from your WHMCS installation
add api key as -- $api_access_key='api123';

2 B) If you Vision Helpdesk Support portal and WHMCS installed on DIFFERENT server then --


Main domain:
Addon domain:
Billing domain:

Consideration: You want to override addon domain whmcs support module with vision

In /modules/support/vision4/
create a folder say v4
upload Vision Helpdesk setup files (except setup and manage folder) in folder v4

modify config.php file at:

Add here main domain database details and also make remote database access enable for billing server IP

Now edit integrate.php at:

Here you will see lines --
define("VIS_PORTAL_PATH", "/home/username/public_html/modules/support/vision4/v4/"); // This is path to your whmcs modules and vision files on whmcs installation
$host = "";


and edit configuration.php from your WHMCS installation :
add api key in same as -- $api_access_key='api123';

3) In WHMCS admin,

a. navigate to Setup >> General Configuration >> Support and choose Vision4 in the Support Module drop down.
b. General Configuration >> security >> and add ip in API IP Access Restriction for API access
c. Setup >> Staff management >> administrator role -- enable api access for admin

4) login to helpdesk as a admin

a.navigate to Settings >> Integration >> WHMCS
b.Add or update whmcs integration for selected domain using WHMCS login details,also add api key which is added in configuration.php file under WHMCS

Thats it you are done..


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