How can the agents be restricted from looking at all the tickets?

Karishma Sibal Apr-20th, 2015 11:23 1 0
The agents can be restricted from looking into the tickets if they are assigned with different permissions or privileges and depending upon the department access. If the particular staff agent has the access to only a one department then he will not be able to see the tickets of other departments. There can be different permissions that can be set for the staff members.

Quick steps to restrict the staff agents to view the tickets:

  • Login to the Vision Helpdesk account as an administrator.
  • Go to Settings >> Staff Section >> Team.
  • Department access and permissions can be assigned to the staff agent by the admin.
  • Through the Permissions of the team, the choice can be made whether the agents of the particular team will be able to view all the tickets, self assigned tickets or both unassigned and self assigned tickets.
  • Also the staff member having the access to the particular department will be able to see the tickets belonging to those departments.
  • That particular staff member will not be able to see the tickets that are belonging to other departments.
  • Thus by assigning different teams to the staff member, different staff members will be restricted to view the tickets.
  • And the particular changes can be updated.


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