How to add Addon Domains to Vision Helpdesk?

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Vision Helpdesk allows managing support for multiple companies at one place. Depending upon the plan that is purchased the additional domains can be added. Clients that wish to manage a single domain and has opted for the lower plan cannot add any of the additional domains. If more companies are to be added or managed then the lower plan is to be upgraded to the higher plan.

Settings >> Ticket Section >> Domains

Setting up Client portal for Addon Domain:

After adding the addon domain from the manage portal the client portal can be set for the addon domain in the following ways:

Using CNAME:

CNAME (canonical name) record maps a host name to another host name or FQDN (Fully qualified domain name).

For example if you want to add a CNAME record for hostname “wwww” to “www” so that anyone mistyping an additional “w” in your website address will still get to the site at

If a CNAME record is added for hostname “search” and FQDN so that anyone visiting would be presented with

This can be better understood below:

Main Domain:

Addon Domain:

If setups are in the sub domain formats then simply one can add CNAME record: CNAME

In case of adding CNAME there is no need to install or upload any files on

If the company2 client visits URL they will still see company2 departments and not company1.


For CNAME method it is necessary to have the domains in sub domain format. There cannot be a CNAME to folder. You cannot have CNAME to

Adding files to Addon Domain Client portal:

The client portal files can be directly added to addon domain client portal. If we want to have an addon domain client portal installed at :

From your main domain files copy all files (EXCEPT manage and setup folder) to addon domain support folder.


For this method there is a single database that is used and we are just adding client portals to addon companies. There is only one Database on the main domain. But if the addon domain is physically located on different server then one needs to allow remote access to the main domains database.

Changing the design, logo, colors for addon domain:

  • During installation there is a folder named themes/client which further has default folder.
  • Duplicate default folder and name it anything. (Say company2)
  • Edit files in the new theme and can be updated for company2.
  • The desired theme for company2 can be selected from:
Settings >> Ticket Section >> Domains >> Client portal theme


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