How to change the theme and logo for the manage portal?

Karishma Sibal Apr-20th, 2015 11:17 0 0
It is possible to change the background color, logo, theme and language for manage portal from the admin settings. One can simply make the changes for this themes and logo depending upon his requirements.

Quick steps to change the theme and logo for the manage portal:

  • Login to the Vision Helpdesk account as an administrator.
  • Go to Settings >> System Section >> Manage portal.
  • All the settings related to the theme and the logo can be done from here.
  • For the Manage portal logo there can be either image that can be uploaded or the text that will be displayed.
  • Also there is no limit for the text that is to be added.
  • There can be different themes that can be set for the manage portal. In all there are 14 different themes that are available.


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