How to set cron-job to fetch emails in Vision Helpdesk?

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If you choose POP3 | POP3SSL | POP3TLS | IMAP | IMAP SSL | IMAP TLS method in email queue setup then you will have to set up cron job / scheduler on your server to fetch emails from your account every five minutes.

How to set Cron job in cPanel

1)      Login to cPanel control panel

2)      Click on the Cron Jobs icon

You will be asked what your level of experience is. This will determine how complex the interface for configuring the cron job will be. For this guide, we will select Standard.

3)      Leave e-mail address field blank.

Into the command field, enter the command:

GET >/dev/null

If this command is not supported you can use command

/usr/bin/php –q /home/cpanelusername/public_html/support/console/cron.php > /dev/null

Select Every Five Minutes under the minutes menu.

Select Every Hour under the hours menu.

Select Every Day under the days menu.

Select Every Month under the months menu.

Select Every Weekday under the weekdays menu.

Click on the Save Corntab button to save and start the scheduled task.
How to set Cron job in Plesk Control Panel

Login to Plesk control panel.

Select System on the left menu.

Select Crontab from under the Services section.

Click on the Add New Task icon.

Enter "*/5" into the Minute field (this means "every 5 minutes").

Enter "*" into the Hour fields ("for every hour of the day").

Enter "*" into the Day of the Month field ("for every day of the month").

Enter "*" into the Month field ("for every month of the year").

Enter "*" into the Day of the Week field ("for every day of the week").

Into the command field, enter the command:

GET >/dev/null

Click on the "OK" button to save the settings.

How to set Cron jobs (scheduled tasks) in Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Open the Start > Control Panel.

From the Control Panel, open up Scheduled Tasks.

Right-click in space.

Select New > Scheduled Task.

We will name the new task Vision Helpdesk.

The command we want the scheduled task to run is:

Ensure that the Enabled box is checked.

Switch to the Schedule tab.

To have this task run every day starting at midnight, set the scheduled task to run Daily with a start time of 00:00.

Now we will proceed to configure the scheduled task to run repeatedly throughout the day. Click on the Advance button.

 From here, you can configure how frequently the task should run as shown in image.

Click “OK” on all of the dialog boxes to save your configurations.

You will be prompted for the username and password for the account under which the task will run. You should enter your default system username and password here.


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