Install Vision Helpdesk with one click using Softaculous

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Install Vision Helpdesk with one click using Softaculous on cPanel server.

Vision Helpdesk offers both SaaS and Download versions, If you opt for download license and have cPanel installed on your server, You can use Softaculous script installer to install Vision Helpdesk with one click.

Below are steps for installing Vision Helpdesk using Softaculous

1) We assume you have purchased Vision Helpdesk download license or have signup for 30 days download license trial

2) Login to your cPanel (cPanel is control panel to manage your website account provided by web hosting provider company)

3) Click for Softaculous in cPanel >> Click Customer Support >> Vision Helpdesk

4) It should show you Install option with below form

Software Setup

Choose Protocol:
// If your site has SSL, then please choose the HTTPS protocol.

Choose Domain:
//Please choose the domain to install the software.

In Directory:
// The directory is relative to your domain and should not exist. e.g. To install at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To install only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.

Database Name:
//Type the name of the database to be created for the installation

Site Settings

Site Name: Company Name

Valid License Key

// Once you signup for Vision Helpdesk License you can login to our billing area and access Services >> MyServices >> View details for your download license and there you can find license key.

Admin Account

Admin Username:
// Admin username can be changed later from profile

Admin Password:
// Admin password can be changed later from profile

First Name:
// Admin first name

Last Name: // Admin last name

Admin Email:
// Admin email

Click install and it will install Vision helpdesk on your server under specified directory.


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