Vision livechat installation on Windows Server

Sneha Joshi Jun-22nd, 2021 11:51 0 0

Steps for livechat on Windows Server:

>>Install IIS via your preferred method. PowerShell or via Server Manager.

>>Install IIS URL Rewrite extension via the Web Platform Install UI or WebPICMD.
IIS URL Rewrite extension –

>>Install node.js from your binary download.
node.js v7.x x64 binaries –
Tested on
nodejs version => 14.17.0 LTS

>>Install iisnode from your binary download.
latest iisnode v0.22.1 x64 –

>>Extensions required:

URL rewrite =>
Application request routing =>

>>copy web.config

>>install pm2

>>npm install

>>pm2 start server.js


           http:="""" {r:1}<="" a>"="">






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