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Blabby is used for the internal communication between the staff members. It is the private social hub for the staff members in an organization to communicate among themselves. It can be used to share knowledge, files, presentations, Videos and come together on ticket issues. The main idea behind the blabby is to bring all the staff members together. They can share anything easily with the help of Blabby.

In order to use Blabby the particular setting is to be done by the admin:

Settings >> Module >> blabber >> Status (Enabled)

Blab trends:

Blab trends let the staff members to know about the latest topics that are being discussed on Blabby. Hash tag # is added to the words while posting Blabs so that it can be formed into trends. While clicking on the trending topic, a list of related blabs can be fetched. Thus the trends can be added proceeded by the hash by the Add option and gets added to the list of trends.

Add Blab:

It is possible to add the number of blabs using the Add option. A blab can be personalized with personalized staff or it can be decided to share a particular Blab with all the staff members.

Text Area / Blab Content:

The blab content or any of the text related to the particular blab can be added from here.

Attach Media:

Any of the media can be added along with the blab using the Attach Media option. This can be done in either of the two ways, either by inserting the URL of the image/video or uploading it from the local machine.

Insert from URL:

The image or video can also be inserted for the blab by just inserting the URL of the image or video.

Upload from local machine:

The image can be inserted for the blab by uploading the image from the local machine.

Share with:

It allows sharing a particular blab with All or only with some of the staff members through Add staff option.

Delete Blab:

The particular blab can be deleted from the list of blabs by the delete option.


Towards the left there is the list of staff members along with their designation. When we click on the particular staff member then the blabs of the particular staff member is displayed. Staff members can also comment on the blab post of other staff members. The comments are also displayed along with the post of the staff member. It is also possible to delete comment for the blab by the delete option.

Listing of the Staff members:

All the staff members get listed towards the right along with their designation and image. While selecting the particular staff member it will list out all the blabs of the particular staff member which is posted.


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