Prechat custom fields and how to add them

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Pre-chat custom fields

Let’s suppose you are watching a talk show. The host of the show does not change but there is a new guest arriving every episode who is interviewed by the host. The host introduces the new guest before inviting him to the dias and then begins the question and answers session. In the same way, consider the live chat widget as the host of your chat session. The pre-chat custom fields give you an introduction of the client before the chat begins.

You can add multiple custom fields as per the data you need from the client in order to serve him efficiently. Let’s say you maintain a database of the clients approaching you on live chat. On the pre chat fields you can ask for basic details such as name, email address, contact number, and so on. These prechat fields can be added in the form of text box (name of client), text area (question) and many such custom fields are available.

In this way you can modify the custom fields from:

Administrator Settings>>Live Chat>>Prechat Custom Fields

From the top right corner of the screen you can add custom fields into the Prechat Form.

Add Prechat Custom Field:

From the Prechat custom field option, you can view the previously added custom fields.

From the add custom field option you can add different types of custom fields in the prechat form to gather additional information from the end user.

As per your requirement you can choose from the available list of custom fields.

The custom field types include:

  • Textbox (for name)

  • Text area (for asking question)

  • Password (for additional security)

  • Checkbox (for selecting from options available)

  • Radio button (for selecting one from radio buttons displaying many options)

  • Select box (for selecting one from drop down of many options)

  • Multiple select box (for selecting multiple from drop down of many options)

  • Date and Time (for specifying the date and time)

  • Note (for adding a note for clients)


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