Receiving new chat requests in live chat

Sneha Joshi Jun-9th, 2021 20:08 0 0

Receiving a new chat request:

You can display your live chat widget on various platforms. When online visitors are checking out your web pages, where you have displayed your live chat widget, your staff members will be notified. This notification is displayed on all of your staff member’s portals along with the new visitor sound notification. This is to intimate your staff members about an upcoming chat request.

When clients wish to connect with you over chat, they can initiate a chat request. When a client initiates a chat, you will receive a live chat request on the staff portal. Your staff members can choose to accept the chat request and proceed with providing chat based support. When the client initiates a chat request, a chat request will be displayed on the staff portal along with the new chat notification sound. Hence, the staff can either accept the chat request or if they are busy they can mute the notification sound. If a particular staff mutes the chat request from their end, it will still keep on ringing for the other staff members until someone accepts the chat.

Using live chat workflow automation you can direct an incoming chat request to a particular staff member. You can set up workflows where you can define certain conditions and if the conditions match then the chat is routed to a specific staff member with the concerned skill set. For e.g., you can route all server related queries to the server management team, chat requests initiated from the US or UK to the staff belonging to that shift and so on.

So when you use workflow automation to route the ticket to a specific staff member, only the concerned staff will receive the live chat request. Rest of the staff will not receive a notification of the same. The chat request will keep on displaying and the new chat notification will keep on ringing until the concerned staff takes action.

Suppose a chat request is routed to you or your team and you mute it by mistake. In such a scenario, the chat will be displayed under the awaiting filter. You can select the chat from the left hand panel and on the right side of the screen you will find an option to start the chat. In this way, the system makes sure that the chat requests raised by your clients will never go unattended.


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