Setup livechat module settings

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You can define all the settings related to your live chat setup from: admin settings>>system>>Module>>Livechat

File attachment enable for staff: If you want your staff members to be able to send files to your clients as attachments, you can enable this option. The paper clip icon will be disabled to ensure no attachments can be shared in case you disable this option.

File attachment enable for client: If you want your clients to be able to submit files to you as attachments, you can enable this option. The paper clip icon will be disabled to ensure no attachments can be shared in case you disable this option.

Enter key will send message: When you enable this setting, while having a conversation over livechat, you can use the enter key on your keyboard to send the message through. On disabling this setting you will find another icon at the bottom of the chat box which can be used to send the message.

Livechat search articles: When you enable this option, your staff will be able to fetch the articles added under the solutions module in your system and send it as a response to the client.

You can add the entire article or just the URL of the article.

Search article: The staff can search for an article by the title or the keywords associated with it. When you search for a term,

all the articles associated with it will be displayed allowing you to choose the best possible option.

Show status on end chat: When a staff member tries to end an ongoing chat conversation, the system creates a ticket with the chat transcript.

On enabling this status, the staff can modify the status of this incident while creation.

Enable end chat for client: On enabling this setting, the client will be able to end the chat from the client interface.

From the option in the right corner, the client can choose to end the chat.

When the client clicks on the end chat option, the system allows the client to append the chat transcript to an existing ticket or even create a new ticket in the system.

Calculate time track: While your staff members are providing chat based support to the clients, the system can keep a track of the time spent by them on chat for query resolution.

The time tracked is displayed on the ticket under a new tab.

Rating type: The client can provide rating based on the service they receive. We have star based and smiley based ratings available. When the chat is ended and a incident is created, this rating is displayed on the it beside the subject line. The staff can ask for rating from the staff portal while winding up the chat. From the chat window, on the top right corner of the screen the staff can select the option to ask for rating. When a rating request is successfully sent it will be notified by a message on the screen.

This rating request is displayed on the livechat widget on the client’s interface. The client may proceed with providing his valuable feedback.

The clients may also choose to give a rating by themselves. From the option on the bottom right corner, the client can choose to rate the ongoing chat.

Livechat hash generation: When a client is provided chat based support, the system creates an incident with a record of the chat transcript. This incident is associated with a unique alphanumeric code called the incident hash. You may choose to create it randomly or in a sequence where you can define the prefix and the numbering.

Show emoji: Emojis are pictograms that can be used during the chat conversation. You may choose to disable this and the option to add an emoji will be removed from both the sites, staff portal and client interface.

Sound notification: There are sound notifications added by default in the system for new chat, new message, new visitor and received message. The system also allows you to change these notification sounds as per your requirement. You can upload mp3 files from the Admin settings>>System>>Module>>Livechat

Subject line: When a chat is ended, an incident is created in the system containing the chat transcript. You can define the subject line so that all the chat transcripts which do not have a specific subject are saved in the system by a default subject line. You can also modify this subject line while creating the incident.

End chat on idle (in minutes): During an ongoing chat, if the client is idle and not responding back, the chat will be automatically ended. You can define the time period after which you would like an idle chat to be ended automatically. The client can always start another chat request which can be received by your staff.

Trusted domain list: The livechat script can be added to your company websites where your clients may visit and initiate a chat based support request. Under the trusted domain list you can add your domain names where you intend to add the livechat script. This will restrict any unlawful use of your chat transcript on any other domain.

Privacy policy: You can add a link of your privacy policy which the client can browse and agree to before initiating a chat based support request. You can also choose it to be mandatory so that all your clients opting for chat support agree to it.


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