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Solution Module

Solution also known as Knowledge base includes self-help articles on the client portal. The solutions can also be used as predefined responses for common issues thus it reduces number of incoming Incidents and chats from client side as they can refer to knowledge for solutions.

Knowledgebase for client: Client can refer to knowledge base articles and videos to resolve common issue which also reduces clients dependency on staff.

Solution search on client portal:

We have provided global search option on client portal to search for the knowledge base articles.

Knowledge-base suggestion for client:

Whenever a ticket is submitted by the client, then the list of knowledgebase articles related to their subject are displayed. Thus the customer can decide whether their question is being answered or they should proceed further with their ticket submission.

Article Rating:

It allows the customers to rate the articles put forth by the staff members. Thus the staff members get to know what customer think about their articles.

Knowledge base for staff:

The knowledge base is time saving option for staff as they have response already available in Solutions when catering to large number of Incidents. It also improves customer service with prompt responses.

You will have levels under Solutions like Category, sub-category, articles.

Category: You can categories your knowledge base so that it will be easy to search for articles from large list.

Steps to add Category-

Click on top right corner menu option of the screen (on the solution management page)

Select “Add Categories”

Under “Add Categories” Select domain for which you want to add this category.

Proceed with other field details like title, description, parent category etc.

Click on Add button at the bottom of screen.

Control article visibility:

While adding a category, you can define visibility modes like for everybody, logged in clients or staff only which helps to define the access rights for categories.

Everybody: The articles posted under the category is visible to all the clients who are visiting to client portal.

Logged in clients : The articles are visible to only those clients who are registered to the client portal.

Visible to clients: You can have category available for specific organization and clients this would allow you to have client specific documents.

For example, for banking related clients you have a set of knowledge base articles, for travel industry related client you can have another set of knowledge base articles.

Visibility for staff only: You can use an article for internal purpose so that only your staff can refer to the posted articles.

Steps to Add an Article

Click on top right corner menu option, select add Article

Select domain which will further allow you to select respective category/ sub-categories for the article. Also, you can add other fields like Language, Title, URL, keywords and content for the article .

You can also set various permissions like allow comments for articles by client, allow ratings, set as featured articles, login compulsory to client.

Now click on Add article button at the bottom of screen.

You can also import knowledge base articles using a CSV file and export knowledge base articles in CSV,HTML,XLSX.

Knowledge-base for Staff

While solving tickets staff members can search knowledge base right from tickets and include articles in ticket reply. Thus, increases staff productivity and saves time.

Once your staff type keywords under search solution articles tab, articles related to keywords gets popped up.

From the drop down arrow beside the article your staff will get option to Add Article or Add URL. If you select Add Article, complete article gets added under content area. You can add URL of the article into content area using Add URL option.

Save as solution : Your staff can save there reply as solution so that they can refer this reply while resolving same issue.

To save drafted reply as solution click on drop down arrow on send reply option >> click over save as solution option.

You will option to select category into which you want save the reply as solution.

Settings for solutions:

You can set various access rights for solution from the settings e.g solution suggestion, allow comments, allow ratings, Auto approve comments etc.

Goto admin settings >> modules >> select solution

Solution suggestion settings is used to set auto suggestion of article permissions for client portal and manage portal.

Search by : You can set search option for the articles based on whole phrase or each word.

Search from : articles can be searched from Titles, Keywords or Contents.

Allow comments: You can set permission to allow comments on the articles.

Allow ratings: You can set permission to allow ratings on the articles.

Auto approve comments: If you set it as No, the comments given by clients on articles will get moderated by the staff members before posting it on client portal.

Enable captcha on Solution: You can enable the captcha for your clients to give comments on articles.


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