Vision Helpdesk Task Management

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Task Management

Task module allows you to create a to-do list for your staff members. It allows you to divide a project into multiple tasks and those tasks are either assigned to a team or to staff members. This helps to easily delegate the work and also track the progress of task performed by the staff members. You can also set the priority, scheduling of task.

When your staff has completed the work, they can change the status of task, attach files and add comments on it.

We also have Task filters for Task analysis which helps to distinguish between various task. Here, you will get overview of different task.

for eg. Number of Assigned task, Task which are completed, Incomplete Task, Task based on priority etc.

Task are linked with Incident management. You can create a task and link it with a Incident or you can create a new task directly from task tab on Incidents.

Vision Helpdesk allows you to create task for your staff members automatically and manually.

Task Automation:

You can atomize the Task creation and Task assignment to the agents which allows you to automate the repetitive task and create a new task based on certain events. For example, whenever a new Incident comes in the system you can create a task for admin to assign it to concerned person or you can automate routine follow task for agents.

Let’s say, when a new staff joins in, HR send an email to respective department or person to carry out certain task like. Issue ID, configure Laptop etc. You can automate this process using Task automation.

Steps for Task automation:

Go to admin settings >>> Automation >> Click on Task automation >> Add the task title, Select Event (New Incident, Client reply, Change status, etc) >> Define criteria Match And/Or conditions

Add task, You can create multiple task and assign those task to agents.

Hence, Task will be created automatically based on the event and also, it is linked with the Incidents. All the agents will be notified about Task assignment on their registered email addresses.

Manual Task creation:

Task can be created manually and those task will be listed under Task management. When you add a task manually you will get an option to add simple task also you can define recursive tasks. Recursive task are repetitive task for which you can set the scheduler. We have an option to add additional fields under task using Custom field option.

Following are the ways to add Task manually:

• Login to Manage/staff portal

• Click on the launcher icon beside Client management

• Select Task management

• Click on Add new task (option on the top right corner of the Task Management page)


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