Downloading and Exporting a Report

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Downloading and Exporting a Report

A report is a document that presents information in an organised format. This format can be defined as per requirement and it helps target a specific audience and purpose. Reports help provide all the necessary information in short, sharp and concise format. The data needs to be clear and well-structured to communicate across the details.

The reports module in the staff portal can be accessed through the launcher icon

in the inbox. Here, you can select reports module from the list of modules available in the system.

Once you click on this option you will be redirected to the reports overview page. If you have multiple domains you will first need to check and update the domain name before proceeding further. In reports overview you will find multiple tabs on the screen detailing different reports available in the system.

The sixth tab is the download queue tab. Download queue is a list where all the exported reports from statistical, graphical, custom reports land. A downloadable link is generated within 10-20 minutes after the exporting of a report. While generating a report if you have also sent the report on an email address, it will also be listed under the download queue. With just a click on the send email icon

an email will be re-sent on the given email address.All the reports drawn in the system, be it statistical, graphical or custom reports, can be exported from the system. Let’s suppose you generate a statistical report like the average response time report. After the report has been drawn, you will also find the option to export the report.

You can select file format from CSV, XLSX and HTML and download the report and send the report on an email address. Using the export option you can create a downloadable link under the download queue.Let’s suppose you want to create a graphical report like incidents by label. When the report is drawn, you will also see the option to export the report. When a graphical report is exported, a PDF file of the report is downloaded in your system then and there itself.

Let's consider custom reports. Once you draw a report and save it, it will be displayed under the custom reports tab. Here, on the far right corner of the report you’ll get an option to export this report. Just like the statistical reports, you can select file format from CSV, XLSX and HTML and download the report and send the report on any email address. A downloadable link will also be generated under the download queue tab in 10-20 minutes.

With schedule reports, the report is scheduled to be drawn on a future date at a specific time. You can see the list of scheduled reports under the schedule reports tab with their start and end dates and schedule type, i.e if you have asked for a daily, weekly, monthly report, etc. On the scheduled date you will get a downloadable link under the schedule reports tab. Also you will receive a link of the report on the email address that you have added while configuring the schedule report.


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