How To Install Zend Guard Loader

Vishal J May-7th, 2016 18:49 1 0

Vision Helpdesk setup files are encoded with Zend Guard and in order to run it you must have decryption tool i,e Zend Guard Loader.

Zend Guard Loader is a FREE PHP extension that runs PHP scripts encoded by Zend Guard. The Zend Guard Loader translates encoded files to a format that can be parsed by the Zend Engine.

Below are steps for installing Zend Guard Loader

1) Download Zend Guard Loader according to your server PHP version and operating system.

2) Extract the (Linux) or ZendLoader.dll (Windows) that corresponds to your PHP version.

In your server php.ini file search for extension_dir - it defines the path where you have to upload your or dll file.

Add the following line to your 'php.ini' file for loading the ZendGuardLoader:

Linux and Mac OS X:

zend_extension="full path to"

Windows non-thread safe (TS is not supported):
zend_extension="full path to ZendLoader.dll"

3) Restart web server.

4) Upload a simple info.php file (add code as below ) to your website and run it in browser
 <?php echo phpinfo(); ?> 

5) On your info.php page if you see Zend Guard Loader that means you have installed it correct.


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