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Check out who is checking you out..!

When you login to the staff portal as a live chat agent, you can access all the live chat functions. On the dashboard itself you get the overview of all the modules present in the system, including the live chat module. On the status bar above, you will see a new icon of live chat between the inbox and launcher icon. Through this live chat icon you can access the live chat board.

When you access the live chat board, you will be redirected to the online visitors page. VHD Live chat feature enables us to configure the live chat with our VHD setup. You can display the live chat widget at various locations where your clients approach you with their queries. The live chat widget script can be inserted in the backend code of the desired web pages. The live chat widget that will be displayed on the web pages will assist your staff to proactively approach your customers and connect with them. Thereby resolving their issues and providing efficient customer support. Live chat feature will help you engage your customers.

In addition to that, the live chat functionality also keeps a track of your online visitors. On the live chat board you will find a list of all the visitors who are accessing your web pages where you have displayed your live chat widget. On the live chat visitors board, details such as name of the visitor, location, referrer and visited pages will also be displayed.

The system projects the list of online visitors in anticipation of chat requests. You can have multiple domains added in your system and separate live chat widgets created for them. If you have multiple domains you can check your visitors based on the domain they are accessing and their last activity.

Live chat features for staff

Just as you can segregate your online visitors domain wise, you can also check your chat requests. Under the left hand panel you can find a drop down option to filter your chat requests. Here you can find the list of all the chat requests received in the system.

  • All chats - From the drop down list you can apply the “all chats” filter, i.e. all the chat requests received in the system will be displayed.

  • My chats - Under my chats filter you can find only the chat requests that involve you. For eg. the chat requests routed to you, the chats you have joined to collaborate with your teammates, the chats forwarded to you by your teammates, etc.

  • Awaiting - When chat requests are received in the system, before a chat request is accepted by a staff member the status of such chat requests is awaiting. You can find these chats under the awaiting filter.

  • Domain - Apart from the available list of statuses, you can also filter chat requests based on the domain in which they are received. Let’s say you have multiple domains added, you can apply the domain filter and view the chat requests received in a particular domain.

  • Filter - On the top right side of the screen, you will find an option to apply filters. Using this filter option you will be able to filter out any visitor from the available list of online visitors. The filter can be applied based on the country of origin, name of the browser and the status of chat, i.e. active or inactive.


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