Creating a ticket from staff or agent portal

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Creating a ticket from staff or agent portal -

In Vision Helpdesk new ticket can be created in different ways.

An end-user can raise a ticket in the helpdesk by submitting the request or query from the customer support portal, email, etc

An agent can raise a ticket on behalf of the customer when he is contacted by the customer directly with a query/ request.

Here, the agent creates the ticket from the Agent portal with the customer's name or number.

An agent can also create an internal ticket say in case they want to create a ticket for other departments or staff.

Below are the steps to create a ticket from the agent portal:

Log in to the Agent portal.

Click on '+' icon on the top next to the 'Search' icon.

Now click on New Incident option

Creating ticket on behalf of the client -

You can now select for which department you want to create Incident and select the channel i.e. email, chat, phone etc to indicate how the customer has contacted you.

Click next, you need to now specify the email address in 'To' field in case you have selected the channel as Email. In case you select channel as call the you need to specify the client number.

You can fill in the mandatory and desired field and then click on Create incident button.

Also note, before you click on Create incident button there are 4 checkbox send email,autoresponder,visible to client and

as client.

In case you wish to send an email to client then you can keep send email as checked.

If you want to send an autoresponder to client regarding the new ticket creation then you can keep this checked.

If you want to make the incident to be visible in client portal then you can keep this checked.

If you want to make apply SLA to the ticket, then you can keep this checked.

Creating internal ticket from staff portal  -

Steps to create an internal ticket -

Client on '+' icon to create a new ticket.

Now the agent can select the department for which they want to create a ticket.

Click on the internal ticket checkbox for creating internal and click next.

Now you can fill the mandatory and desired fields and click on create incident button.


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