Raise Tickets from Multiple Channels

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Raise Tickets from Multiple Channels

Vision Helpdesk is a multi-channel ticketing software, which means you can raise your queries from multiple channels like Email, Chat, Call, Client portal (Portal which can be accessed by your clients/end users to raise their queries) and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter). We also provide a widget that can be added on your website through which users can raise their queries. All the tickets raised can be accessed by staff/agents using the staff/agent portal in a centralized inbox.


Tickets can be created when an email is sent to your support email address. You can configure this email option in “Email Queue” where you can mention the email address and set it up using forwarding options like PIPE, POP3 or IMAP. You can also add multiple email addresses to the system mapped with respective departments.


If you have a live chat account with certain live chat providers mentioned by us you can get an option to create a ticket out of required chat. We provide Live Chat integration options with LiveChat, LiveZilla, Zopim, Crisp, etc. Transcript of the chat is added to the ticket.


We offer integration with VOIP and cloud telephony tools like Asterisk, Twillo, Exotel, etc. You can see all the call logs with an audio conversation file where you get an option to convert it to a ticket. When the ticket is created the audio conversation gets appended with the ticket.

Client Portal:

We provide a portal from which the client can raise their queries. They can access the support URL provided and fill in the details to submit the ticket. On the client, the portal client can also see the “Solutions” which is a knowledge base area.

Social Media:

Tickets can also be generated using social media accounts. We provide integration with Facebook where posts created by self as well as clients can be converted into tickets. Post from Twitter can also be converted into tickets, while there is an option where Twitter mentions can be auto-converted into tickets.


We also provide you with code which you can post on your website and add a widget to it. This widget helps to search the knowledge base as well as raise the tickets from your website.

The above options mentioned are the basic channels through which tickets can be created. There can be other channels or tools which can be integrated with the system to generate the tickets.

If you need integration with any other tools or options other than the ones provided by us, our development team will explore and can do additional customization for you.


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