Custom Reports in Vision Helpdesk

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Custom Reports in Vision Helpdesk

A report is a document that presents information in an organised format. This format can be defined as per requirement and it helps target a specific audience and purpose. Reports help provide all the necessary information in short, sharp and concise format. The data needs to be clear and well-structured to communicate across the details.

The reports module in the staff portal can be accessed through the launcher icon

in the inbox. Here, you can select reports module from the list of modules available in the system.

Once you click on this option you will be redirected to the reports overview page. If you have multiple domains you will first need to check and update the domain name before proceeding further. In reports overview you will find multiple tabs on the screen detailing different reports available in the system.

The fourth tab is the custom reports tab. Custom reports are used to draw reports based on criterias of your choice to evaluate the incidents.

From the hamburger icon on the top right corner you can select to ‘customize columns for custom reports’. This option enables you to select the criterias which will be displayed on the reports exported or downloaded from the system. Only these criterias will be displayed as column heads when the report is drawn.

After customizing the columns for the custom report, you can draw a report using the ‘create custom report’ option from the list opened using the same hamburger icon. This option allows you to select between two types of reports, incident builder report and incident report. Incident builder report allows you to build your own scenarios by adding criterias and specifying the duration of the report. Using the incident report you can draw a report based on a list of criterias available in the system.

Once a report is drawn, you will be able to see the details of the report on the same page. Using pagination you can shuffle between the pages of the report. If you want to draw the same report again, you can choose to save it. Duration of a custom report can be less than or equal to 3 months.

When a criteria for a custom report is saved, you can view the same report again in the future. This saved report can be seen under the custom reports tab in the reports module. To the far right corner of this saved report, you will find a list of operations that can be performed.

Using the generate option you can display this report on the screen. From the export option you can choose to export this report. The export report option enables you to download this report and send this report to a third party email id as well.

Using schedule option you can schedule a report. You will have to specify the duration during which this report will be self-generated and the frequency of report generation. You may choose to generate a report on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. There is also an option to generate a report for the last month, i.e. for the month that has just elapsed. The format of these reports can be CSV, HTML and XLSX file format.


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