Vision Helpdesk Localization

Vishal J May-16th, 2015 19:24 3 0

Vision Helpdesk offers multiple language support, i.e, You can translate customer and staff portal into your own language.

Step 1) In order to add new language please refer below url -

Step 2) Once you have enabled or added new language you will have to import the respective language pack.
Go to Settings >> Language >> Import (You will require CSV file available below in this post)

Note : Download the CSV file for your language below and without opening it on your local machine simply use it in Import option.

e.g. If you add Spanish language in Settings >> Language >> Add section.
Your next step should be to Import respective language pack (csv file ) for Spanish.csv

Below are the language packs that we offer - If your language pack is not available please let us know we will be happy to provide one.

Note : Please do not open the csv file on your machine as it may corrupt the charset or character encoding.


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