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Vision helpdesk allows changing the language of the Client and Manage portal. The language that is offered during installation is English.
There will be the list of languages that are currently available but if you wish to add any language then it can be added easily using the Add option.

Settings>> System Section >> Language

Mass Action on Language:

It is possible to select either of the language or more than one language with the help of checklist and perform desired action on them.And the language can be either enabled or disabled.
It is also possible to delete any of the language using the delete option.


Vision helpdesk provides with some languages file which may not be 100% correct (based on Google Translator).
So it is better to translate the English file into the language of one’s own choice and save the new translation in file with same name as the language of your own choice.

Add Language:

Additional languages can be added using the Add option. When you click on Add you will have the following fields:


The name of the language to be added is specified here.


The ISO (International Standard Organization Code) for language is specified here. (For example- English has en).

Character Set:

The default character set for the language is specified here. It uses UTF-8 for languages that require Unicode.

Display order:

If there are multiple languages available then sorting for the language listing can be done from Display order. Languages get sorted as per the display order of the language specified.


All the languages will have left to right setting except for Arabic language that has direction from right to left.


It is possible to enable or disable a particular language. If any of the language is disabled then it will not be used by the system.

Update language:

It is possible to edit or update a particular language by selecting it from the listing. The changes can be made and it can be updated by the Update button present at the bottom.


Towards the top right besides Add there is Localization. In order to change the language for client and staff portal localization is used.

The fields of localization are as given below:

Select Language:

The particular language is to be selected from the drop down list.


The location is to be selected where you want the particular language either in client portal or manage portal.

It will consist of two columns that are Default language and that particular language which is selected from the drop down.
Also the particular language can be easily updated from the Update button present at the bottom.

Setting Default Language:

It is also possible to set a default language for the client portal from:

Settings >> Ticket section>> Domain >> Default client portal language

Thus the language that is set from the domain will appear for the client portal by default.


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