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Vision Helpdesk Label Settings

Karishma Sibal Apr-25th, 2015 10:47 2 0


Label is used as an additional attribute and filtration criteria for Incidents. The Incidents can be filtered quickly using them. It is possible to add a number of labels for the Incident.

Also, you can add a different color to labels.

Example You can add a label as Important, Urgent, Paid, etc.

Note: Important label cannot be disabled or deleted but you can edit it.

Path: Settings >> Module Properties >> Labels

Add label

Title: The name of the label should be specified here.

Label color: The color for the given label can be set from here.

Display order: If there are many labels available then sorting for the label listing can be done from display order. Labels get sorted as per the display order of the labels specified.

Department access: Here you can add department access for this label if you want to allow or restrict any department.

Visible to left panel: In inbox left panel you can view the folders with the label view if it is enabled.

Status: A particular label can be enabled or disabled from here.


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