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Status: Status are used to organize Incidents under each department which makes it easy for the management and categorization of Incidents. Status helps us to define the life cycle of an Incident.

Example New Incident, awaiting for client response, resolved and closed.

By default, when a ticket comes to system it is considered as "Open" status. There are four status and you can edit the existing status or you can add your own status.

If ticket status is Closed/Resolved it is considered as the solved ticket.

The default status are open, awaiting, resolved and closed. Out of these statuses, only awaiting can be disabled, rest can only be edited.

Path: Settings >> Module settings >> Status

Mass Action on Status:

It is possible to select either of the Status or more than one Statuses with the help of checklist and perform the desired action on them. The ticket statuses can be either enabled or disabled.

Any Status can be deleted using the delete option except the default status.

Apply Filter:
Filter list is used to provide more efficient and effective searches.

You can filter based on title and enabled or disabled option.

Add status

Title: The name of the status should be specified here.

Display order: If there are many Incident status available then sorting for the status listing can be done from display order. Status gets sorted as per the display order of the status specified.

Color: You can select any color for the title of the status.

Access: There are two types of accesses that can be assigned for the particular status:

- Public: When public access is selected then it will be visible to both staff and the clients.

- Private: When private access is selected then it will be visible only to the staff members.

Module access: It consists of the module that will have access to the particular Incident status. More than one modules can be selected.

Status: It is possible to enable or disable a particular Incident status. If any of the Incident status is disabled then it will not be used by the system.

Add: Once you click on add, the new department will be added to the system.


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