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Surveys are the open link which can be sent to your customers.

Conducting surveys is an unbiased approach to decision-making. You can collect unbiased survey data and develop sensible decisions based on analyzed results.

Say you have added a new module or a new version is released then you can create a survey and get the survey filled by your customers to know their suggestions.

You can generate reports for the surveys submitted by your clients.

Steps to add survey:

You need to first create a Survey and then add the different fields under the Survey.

  1. Domain: Select the domain for which you want to add the survey.
  2. Title: Title for survey
  3. Translate: In case you have multiple languages enabled then you can add a translation for the survey field in a different language.
  4. Display order: You can add the sequence in which you want to display this Feedback group in the listing.
  5. Status:  To enable or disable the survey.

Once Survey is added, You can now proceed with adding survey field.

Survey : You can select the survey name under which you want to add the survey fields.

On the left-hand side, we have provided you with different fields which can be used to create the survey.

Below are the type of field you can add for Survey-


Field type



It allows short single line text

example : name of client


It allows large multiline text

example : Address of client


Texts would be in encoded format

example : ********

Checkbox (Multiple option can be selected)

You can provide a list of options to your customers to choose from.

example : Queries related to :

1. Incidents


3. Email queue

Radio Button (One option can be selected )

In case you want only single option to be selected.

Example : Product interested in :


2. Satellite desk

3. Service desk

Select Box

List of options in a dropdown menu. Client can select one option.

Multiple Select Box

List of options in a dropdown menu. Client can select multiple option.

Date time

Client can select date from calendar popup.


Additional comments or notes can added.

Add :Click on add button to add the fields on the selected Survey.

Under Survey option, you will get link for Survey URL which can be added in email template and send to customers.

Report for Survey

Once your customer add surveys then you can generate report for the same.


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