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Vision Helpdesk Workflow Automation examples

Renu Sharma Apr-18th, 2019 16:43 0 0

Now that you know what are events, criteria's and action, the below examples will help you to get a clear picture for the same.

Few examples for Automating Helpdesk using Workflow :

Example 1: Auto assignment of Incidents

  • You can automatically assign new Incidents to agents based on Incident priority, Incident type, client wise, department wise, etc.

Whenever New Incident comes into the system to a specific department you can follow below rule to assign Incidents to staff members:

  • Event : New Incident
  • Criteria : Department equals to “ Sales”
  • Action : Assign to “ Select a team or respective staff members”

Even you can define multiple operations on Incidents such as you can assign flags, labels, change priority, status and even move the department of the Incident. Similarly, you can assign Incidents client wise, by selecting client email or name or organization into criteria, you can assign Incidents based on priority wise by selecting Priority under criteria.

Although, Manually also you can assign Incident from Incident properties but automation allows you to save Incident and quickly delegate the work without any delay to agents.

Example 2 : Applying SLA plan to New Incidents

When you want to apply default SLA plan to all new Incidents into the system, please follow below steps :

  • Event : New Incident
  • Criteria : subject equals to “Keep it blank”
  • Action : Apply SLA “ Select SLA plan from drop down”

Once you add the above rules, all the new Incident coming into the system will have the default SLA plan applied over it. You can apply different SLA, i.e Client wise, department wise etc.

Example 3 : To set escalation rule

Vision Helpdesk allow you to set multi level SLA and if agent breaches those SLA you can set escalation rules to rectify issue. Check below steps to apply multi-level SLA and escalation rule:

  • Event : “On overdue and unresolved Incident”
  • Criteria : Overdue time after/before “ Mention time (30 min)”
  • Action : Assign those Incidents to manager or second level support team
  • Apply second Level SLA: “Select SLA plan”
  • Even you can change other Incident properties like you can change priority to critical, Set Red flag, add Urgent labels over an Incident and even send alerts to staff members to pay high attention to those Incidents.

You can create different workflows as per your scenario to automate the product.


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