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Vision Helpdesk Level Settings

Renu Sharma Apr-6th, 2019 17:56 0 0


Level can help to add an additional way of filtration for Incidents.

Let say you have a Level 1 team who looks after basic customer queries, Level 2 which looks after basic + low-level technical queries and then comes Level 3 which looks after all technical queries.

So, having level field will help you in identifying Incident nature and in allotment to the right team.

There are three default level provided by this system:

- Level 1.

- Level 2.

- Level 3.

Level 1 cannot be disabled or deleted but you rename it.

Path: Settings>>Module Properties >> Level field

Mass Action on Level:

It is possible to select either of the Level or more than one Levels with the help of checklist and perform the desired action on them. The Levels can be either enabled or disabled.

Any Status can be deleted using the delete option except the default Level.

Apply Filter:
The filter list is used to provide more efficient and effective searches.

You can filter based on the title and enabled or disabled option.

Add Incident level

Title: The name of the type should be specified here.

Access: There are two types of accesses that can be assigned for the particular Level:

- Public: When public access is selected then it will be visible to both staff and the clients.

- Private: When private access is selected then it will be visible only to the staff members.

Display order: If you have created multiple levels then those get sorted as per the display order specified.

Module access: It consists of the module that will have access to the particular Incident level. More than one modules can be selected.

Status: It is possible to enable or disable a particular Incident level. If any of the Incident levels is disabled then it will not be used by the system.


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