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Vision Helpdesk Form Builder Settings

Renu Sharma Apr-6th, 2019 19:38 1 0

Form builder

You can create custom forms using form builder and you can integrate the link for the form in your website.

Let say you want an additional form to be added on your website say contact us form using which your clients can submit their queries from your website itself, in such case you can use our customs form option to build your own custom form which different type of fields added under it.

Add form

Title: You have to enter the title for the form you are creating.

Display title: The title you want to display on the form should be mentioned here.

Display order: The sequencing order can be mentioned here in the listing.

Form type: Here you have to select either of the options from the two types of forms available.

Email based: Here you can add the email related details to the form. The three fields in this are mandatory i.e. first name, last name and email.

Call based: Here you can add the call based details to the form. The three fields are mandatory which are first name, last name and contact number.

Enable captcha: The captcha can be added to the form by selecting yes.

Department: The department for which you want to create the form can be selected from here.

Subject: The subject for the form is mentioned here.

Script: The script for the form can be added here. It is optional for the form you are creating.

Helpdesk URL: This is the URL link which will display the form you have created.

Iframe URL: You can add this URL to any third party site. Once someone clicks on that link and submits a the form, a Incident will be created in your helpdesk portal.

Status: The status of the form you are creating can be enabled and disabled from here.


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