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Vision Helpdesk SMTP Settings

Karishma Sibal Apr-29th, 2015 12:10 0 0

SMTP (Outing emails)

Using the SMTP you can define your outgoing email server details.

By default email are sent through vision helpdesk server SMTP authentication.

You can also set your own SMTP for outgoing emails from admin Settings >> Emails >> SMTP.

Also, you need to enable SMTP from admin Settings >> Domains >> Outgoing email to use your own SMTP for outgoing emails.

Note: If you use SaaS then you can use Vision's default SMTP for sending outgoing emails and also you can set your own SMTP whereas if you are using Download license then you cannot use Vision's default SMTP and you need to configure your own SMTP.


Let's take an example for Google hosted mails -

Hostname: The SMTP server hostname can be set here.

For example,

Port: The SMTP port can be specified here. If the authentication type is TLS then the port will be

User name: The SMTP user name can be set from here.

Password: The password for the SMTP server can be set from here.

SSL type: The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a network security protocol that allows servers and clients to communicate with one another over an encrypted session. Some SMTP servers have SSL enabled. So it can be set from here.

SMTP authentication: Mostly SMTP servers require SMTP authentication on and it can be set from here.

Department access: The particular department for which the SMTP settings are to be applied can be selected from here. This setting can be applied to all the departments by selecting all departments option.

Status: It is possible to either enable or disable SMTP. It will be available for use if enabled.

Let's take an example for Google hosted emails -


Port: 587

User name: Username of your account

Password: The password of your account

SSL type: TLS

SMTP authentication: Tick the checkbox

Department access: Select the respective department for which you want to set SMTP.

You will have to set a cron job or a scheduler to run in the background to process the outgoing email queue. Contact our support team for help related to setting a cron job.


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