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Vision Helpdesk Urgency Settings

Nupur Patil Apr-9th, 2019 19:06 0 0


You can define Urgency for Incidents like high, medium, low to help us identify the severity level of incident.

This is an optional field. You can also disable this field from System settings >Module>> Incident module.

Note: You can enable the urgency field to be displayed on the manage or client portal from System settings >Module>> Incident module.

Settings >> Module settings >> Urgency

Mass Action on Urgency :

It is possible to select either of the urgency or more than one urgency with the help of a checklist and perform the desired action on them. The urgency can be either enabled or disabled.

Any release type can be deleted using the delete option except the default urgency.

You can also edit the existing urgency.

Apply Filter:

The filter list is used to provide more efficient and effective searches.

You can filter based on the title and enabled or disabled option.

Steps for adding urgency:

Title: Here you can add the title for urgency.

Display order: If you have added multiple change type and you want them to be added in specific sequence then it can be done using display order.

You can define the color for Urgency.

Access: You can define below access type.

Public: When public access is selected then it will be visible to both staff and the clients.

Private access: When private access is selected then it will be visible to only staff.

Module access: Here you can define module access.

Status: You can enable or disable particular urgency from here.


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