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Vision Helpdesk Modes of Procurement Settings

Renu Sharma Apr-11th, 2019 17:57 0 0

Modes of procurement

A mode of procurement which comes under the product catalog management defines the ways of acquiring the product by certain medium for instance like acquiring the product on the basis of the lease.

Add mode of procurement

Title: The name for the mode of procurement should be specified here.

Color: You can set the color to the mode of procurement.

Description: A short description of the mode of procurement is to be specified here.

Display order: If there are many modes of procurements that are available then sorting can be done from display order. Mode of procurement gets sorted as per the display order that is specified.

Department access: It consists of departments that will have access to a particular mode of procurement. More than one department can be selected at a time. It is also possible to select all the departments using all departments option.

Language translation for the modes of procurement: The localization of the languages which are enabled can be made here manually for the modes of procurement title in this system.

Status: The status for the mode of procurement can be either enabled or disabled from here.

Mass operation on Mode of Procurement:

You can either select a particular Mode of procurement or multiple using checkbox and perform an operation like enable or disable.

You cannot delete or disable the default Mode of procurement but you can edit and rename the same.


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