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Vision Helpdesk License type settings

Renu Sharma Apr-11th, 2019 17:07 0 0

License Type:

License type defines whether its a commercial license or open source etc.

Add license type

Title: The name for the license type should be specified here.

Color: You can select the color of the license type.

Description: A short description for the license type can be specified here.

Display order: If there are many license types available then the sorting can be done from the display order.

Domain access: It consists of the domain that will have access to the particular license type. More than one domain can be selected at a time and all domain can be selected using all domain option.

Language translation for the license type: The localization of the languages which are enabled can be made here manually for the license type title in this system.

Status: It is possible to enable and disable a particular license type. If the particular license type is disabled then it will not be used by the system.

Mass operation on License type :

You can either select a particular license type or multiple license type using the checkbox and you can enable or disable them using the setting icon.

Note: The default license type cannot be deleted or disabled but you can edit and rename it.


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