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Renu Sharma Apr-11th, 2019 18:18 0 0

Contract type

In contract management of ITIL you can maintain a record of the contracts with a third-party vendor. Here you can add, update and delete the different contract types.

Example Company A is your vendor from where you have purchased your assets like laptops, licensed software, etc., you can manage those contracts over here.

Add contract type

Title: Name for the contract type should be specified here.

Description: A short description of the contract type is to be specified here.

Display order: If there are many contract types that are available then the sorting can be done from display order. Contract types get sorted as per the display order for the contract type specified.

Domain access: It consists of the contract types that will have access to a particular domain. More than one domain can be selected at a time.

Language translation for the contract type: The localization of the languages which are enabled can be made here manually for the contract type title in this system.

Status: It is possible to enable and disable a particular contract type. If the particular contract type is disabled then it will not be used by the system.

Mass operation on contract type:

You can either select a particular contract type or multiple contract type using checkbox and perform an operation like enable or disable.

Note: You cannot delete or disable the default contract type but you can edit and rename the same.


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