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Vision Helpdesk Security Settings

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We help you to secure your Help desk from any unwanted intrusion. For better security, there is always a need for a certain authentication process and access restriction for staff as well as for clients. 

Path : Manage portal >> Admin settings >> System >> Security

Vision Helpdesk encompasses below options for security for staff and clients -

1) IP security

2) Banned IP

3) Password security

4) Client email verification

IP security (Restricting staff IP address to login to manage portal) -

You can provide a IP or a range for IP address limiting the staff to access the manage portal.

For example, IP Range - so staff whose IP falls within the specified range can access the portal.

Path : Manage portal >> Admin settings >> System >> Security >> Banned IP

Note: If you are facing any issue  in whitelisting the IP addresses then you can contact the  network administrator to whitelist the IP addresses. 

Banned IP :

Here you can find the list of banned IP address, Lets support you find any unverified login to your system, so in this case you can banned that particular IP address.
Path : Manage portal >> Admin settings >> System >> Security >> Banned IP  

You can ban the staff IP address from staff profile.
Path : Manage portal >> Profile >> Devices 

The banned IP addresses will be displayed as below-

Password security:

You can set password strength like weak, medium and strong where weak can be a simple and small password, the medium is alphanumeric and strong is a combination of special character and alphanumeric.

Path : Manage portal >> Admin settings >> System >> Security >> Password security

Client email verification:

To validate clients email address you can enable “Client email verification” from Admin Settings >>System>>Security.

For example: when client tries to register on the client portal a link is sent on their email address for verification and once they are verified they can login to the client portal with username and password.

Path : Manage portal >> Admin settings >> System >> Security >> Client email verification


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