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Vision Helpdesk Widget Settings

Karishma Sibal Jun-17th, 2015 13:02 1 0


The widget is a small script which you can integrate within your website.

Let say you want to give your customers that they can submit an Incident even from your website or refer to knowledge base articles which can be self-help for them, using the widget, you can have a pop-up window integrated within your website where the customer will have an option for checking knowledge base articles and submitting Incident.

Below are the fields -

Domain: Domain for which the widget is to be added is to be selected from the drop-down.

Widget color: Color in which the particular widget will appear can be selected from here.

Button name: The name for the button can be added from here.

Widget position: The position in which the widget will appear is to be selected from here.

Button type: You can select button type either rounded or square.

Feature: You can have submitted Incident or solutions or both feature in the widget.

Widget code: It will display the code for the widget. This code can be copied and pasted to the website where you want the widget to be displayed.

Update: The changes can be made and can be updated from the update option.

The widget code can be selected from the select code option.


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