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Vision Helpdesk Macro Settings

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Macros are predefined templates which can be used to resolve clients queries. Whenever you are receiving the same query again and again, you can add Macro and use it while replying to an Incident. This will help you give a fast reply to clients as well as save agents time to work on the same type of query. These are reusable replies which keep all support agents on the same page while working on a query.

How to add Macro: There are 2 ways to add a macro

1. Go to admin setting>> Automation >> Macro.

2. Staff can also add macros.

How to apply Macro: Open an Incident >>On top of reply box >> Apply Macro drop-down >> Select the required macro to answer client query.

Macros are defined department wise, for eg: Support department would have set of replies added to answer clients and similar way, Sales department would have some different set of replies.

Also, various Incident properties can be set for macros such as SLA, Department, Status, Flag, Even you can assign this macro to specific agents, you can also add tags to quickly search the Incidents with tags used in a macro. Whenever agent would give a reply to an Incident using Macro, all the Incident property defined while setting up the macro get auto updated. For eg: Support agent is using a macro wherein he requires information from the client side. When the agent applies the macro, SLA gets applied over it and status changes to “Awaiting”.

Agents can also set macros for themselves by setting the Access right to privacy. If Access right for a macro is set “Public” that macro will be accessible to all staff members. You can also, update the existing macro and even delete it.

To restrict staff for adding the Macros :

  • Go to Admin setting >> Staff management >> Role >> Incident Role >> “uncheck the Manage Macro” option in order to restrict your staff for adding the macros.


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