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Vision Helpdesk SLA Settings

Karishma Sibal Apr-28th, 2015 12:22 0 0

SLA (Service Level Agreement) which allows keeping a check on the response and resolution time of the staff members. It provides a guaranteed response or resolution time for the incident (trouble tickets). It is like a contract between the customers and the service providers. It helps to keep a check on the response time of the staff members and based on this the SLA reports are generated.

Example: Let say you signed a contract or promised your customers that you would reply to them within 30 minutes and resolve their query within 2 hours.

In such a case, you can define 30 minutes response time and 2 hour resolution time in SLA plan.

You can create different SLA plans as per your requirement like priority specific, client wise, department wise and SLA plan can be triggered using Workflows.

Admin Settings >>Automation >> SLA

Mass Action on SLA:

It is possible to select either of the SLA or more than one SLAs with the help of checklist and perform the desired action on them. The status of the SLAs can be either enabled or disabled.

Any SLA can be deleted using the Delete option.

Add SLA:  Additional SLAs can be added using the Add option. When you click on Add you will have the following fields:

Title: The name of the SLA should be specified here.

Schedule: The working hours of a particular company is Schedule. It is possible to create different schedules from:

Settings >> Automation Section >> Schedule

If any day of the week is set as closed then the SLA time calculation for that day will not be considered. Different schedules can be added for the particular company.

Response time: If the ticket is replied by the staff member after the scheduled or expected time then the ticket becomes overdue. The time mentioned for this is in days, hours and minutes.

In Vision helpdesk, if the ticket is overdue then the ticket in the ticket listing page is displayed in the pink background. Overdue time is the ticket response time that one guarantees the clients.

Resolution time: Resolution time is the time that staff members take to resolve a particular ticket. It is to be displayed in terms of days, hours and minutes. Resolution time is the ticket final resolution time that one guarantees the clients.

Status: It is possible to enable or disable a particular SLA.

Update SLA:
It is possible to edit or update a particular SLA by selecting it from the listing. The changes can be made and it can be updated by the Update option present at the bottom.


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