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Vision Helpdesk Channel Settings

Karishma Sibal Apr-24th, 2015 16:22 0 0


Channels are the different mediums which will provide flexibility to customers to select the medium using which they can communicate their issues with the helpdesk team.

Example Email, Call, Social networking sites, client portal, etc.

: All the channels provided by this system are default i.e., it cannot be updated; you can just make it enable or disable according to your choice.

Email Channel cannot be disabled. In case of the remaining given channels if they are not in the use then they can be disabled but cannot be deleted.

Path: Settings >> Module Properties >> Channel.

Add channels

Channel image: The image for the channel can be uploaded from here.

Title: The title for the particular channel can be added from here.

Department access: It consists of departments that will have access to particular channels.

More than one department can be selected at a time. It is also possible to select all the departments using all departments option.

Status: A particular channel can be enabled or disabled from here.


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