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Email template

Email templates can be used to send a predefined response to the customer.

Example Autoresponder can be sent whenever an Incident is submitted by the client.

This section will allow you to modify the existing email templates or you can add new templates in this system.

You can also set workflows to send email template based on specific events.

>> Email section >> Email Templates

Mass Action on Email Templates:

It is possible is to select either of the Email Template or more than one Email Templates with the help of checklist and perform the desired action on them. The email templates can be either enabled or disabled.

Any email template can be deleted using delete option.


Default email templates cannot be deleted.

Add Email Template:

Additional Email templates can be added using the Add option. When you click on Add you will have the following


Add email template

Title: The name of the email template should be specified here.

Language: The language which you want to select for this template can be selected from here.

Display order: You can add the sequence in which you want to display this email template in the listing.

Subject: The subject of the email template should be specified here.

Content: It will contain the content of the email. The template variables can be used under subject and also the contents of the new email template.

List of custom template variables can be fetched from below link which can be used in email template:

Attachment: Here you can set permission if you want to link attachment or not to this custom template.

Status: It is possible to either enable or disable a particular template from here.

List of Custom Template Variables:


The above list of variables can be used with the email templates.


It is possible to either enable or disable a particular template from here.

Update Email template:

It is possible to edit or update a particular email template by selecting it from the listing. The changes can be made and it can be updated from the Update option present at the bottom.


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