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Vision Helpdesk Customer Satisfaction Settings

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Customer Satisfaction

Getting feedback from your customers to help you to serve them better and also helps you to analyze your staff working.

Using Customer satisfaction you can get feedback per Incident and you can either use Incident rating option where customers can rate the Incident using smileys or by giving a star rating for the Incident.

Another way is creating client feedback where you can create a form and link for that form can be sent to the client, so the client can fill the feedback form and just click on submit option.

Also, you can check the client feedback under Reports >> Rating and survey.

Below are the ways of checking customer satisfaction -

Incident rating: Customers can provide a rating to Incident based on their experience of how the staff handled their queries.

There are two options for Incident rating –

  1. Star based rating – Customers can rate Incident by giving a number of starts to Incident.
  2. Smiley based rating - Customers can rate Incident by smiley which helps staff to know how well they handle customer request.

Client Feedback -

Customers can provide feedback to Incident based on their experience of how the staff handled their queries.

You can create your own feedback forms by adding different fields.

To create feedback form goto admin settings >> Customer satisfaction >>Feedback tab >>select custom field group

Add custom field group as feedback from a top right corner menu option.

While adding you need to define group type, visible to, department access, etc.

Below are fields while adding the custom field group -

Title: The name or the title for the Feedback is to be specified here.

Display Order: You can add the sequence in which you want to display this Feedback group in the listing.

Group Type: For which group you want to add feedback like user registration, organization.

Visible to: Here you can set the permission for making visible this feedback group to client, staff or both.

Status: It is possible to enable or disable the particular feedback group. If it is disabled then the particular feedback group will not be available to use in add custom field option.

After adding the custom field group, you can add custom fields you require into feedback form from top right corner menu icon:

Select the custom field group as "Feedback" while adding. You can add Textbox, Checkbox, Radio buttons, etc into the feedback form.

Report for Feedback -

You can generate reports for client feedback which will help you for further analysis.

Reports>> All reports>>Rating and Survey 


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