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Vision Helpdesk Location Settings

Nupur Patil Apr-9th, 2019 20:12 0 0


You can add different locations domain wise for different modules.

You can select for which module you want to add the location i.e. incident, asset, problem,change or releases.

Path: Setting >> Module Properties >> Location. 

Steps to add location:

  1. Click on the folder icon to add location and here you need to fill below details -
  2. Title: Here you can add location title.
  3. Email: Email for the location.
  4. Phone: Contact details for location
  5. Address: address details for location
  6. Module access: Here you can specify which module can have access to this location.

Add: Click on the add button to add the location.

Steps to delete a location:

Click on the location which you want to delete and here at the bottom you will get the delete button.

You cannot delete root.


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