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Vision Helpdesk - Disposition Status Settings

Dennis Braganza Apr-15th, 2019 21:55 1 0

Disposition Status:

Here you can add the various types of methods in which the Asset could be disposed. Some might resell the asset, others might donate it, while some others might believe in destroying it. So you can add the ways you plan to dispose the assets of your organization here.

Below are the fields -

Title : You can add the title for disposition status.

Color : You can select color for disposition status.

Description: You can add the description for disposition status.

Display order : The disposition status listing is sorted based on Display order.

Domain access : You can select the Domain name here.

Status: You can enable or disable the model.

Mass Operation for disposition status:

You can either select the disposition status or multiple disposition status using the checkbox and you can enable or disable the same.


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