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Vision Helpdesk Domain Settings

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The license of this software is domain based i.e. it will only work on a valid domain name or website address that resolves over internet or intranet. It will not work on IP address or localhost.

The domain field in this section indicates the licensed domain you have registered while ordering the license.

There are certain restrictions like If you ordered license with domain name you will be able to install the license on, but you will not be able to install the license on (because subdomain is treated as separate domain)

With Satellite helpdesk and Service desk you can add multiple domains and multiple customer portals. Help desk license has a single domain the one which is registered with the product.

Note: The main domain cannot be deleted or disabled. And when you delete the add-on domains then it will delete all the departments, Incidents and clients under that domain.

Path: Settings >> Module properties >> Domain

Add domains

Title: The display name of the domain or company or brand is to be specified here. The domain name which is specified will appear in the left panel in the Inbox and also in the browser titles.

Example - your organization name.

Domain: The domain should match with the licensed domain you chose while ordering Vision Helpdesk License.

Example if you purchased a license for domain then you should enter and if support. then support. in this field.

Note: If you enter the incorrect value - it will give you license domain invalid error and you will not be able to login to the staff portal.

Client portal URL: The URL for the client portal will be specified and created here. For different domains, there will be different client portal URLs.

Example: or depending upon your Vision Helpdesk installation URL.

Note: Please add URL ending with “/”

Default email: There will be default email for each of the domain which is used to send outgoing emails. If no email queues are set, then this email address will be used as from address for sending outgoing emails. It will be considered as default email for the respective domain.

Company address: This is an optional field. Address of the company should be specified here.

Default client portal language: This field will decide which language to be displayed on the customer portal as default when you have multiple languages added in the system.

Outgoing email: We allows you to send email and replies to Incident using any of the below options:

- Vision SMTP


Note: If you use SaaS then you can use Vision's default SMTP for sending outgoing emails and also you can set your own SMTP whereas if you are using Download license then you cannot use Vision's default SMTP and you need to configure your own SMTP.

Currency: The currency to be used for the particular domain is specified here. This will be used in the billing module.

BCC email: The email address mentioned here will receive a copy for every outgoing email.

Display order: If there are many domains available then sorting for the domain listing can be done from display order. Domains get sorted as per the display order of the domain specified.

Status: It is possible to enable or disable a particular domain. If any of the domains is disabled then it will not be used by the system.

Add: Once you click on add, the new domain will be added to the system.


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