Vision Live chat installation on Linux Lightspeed webserver

Sneha Joshi May-27th, 2023 18:44 0 0

Following are the steps to install Visionhelpdesk’s Livechat on Linux server:

  1. Install nodejs [version 12.x]

  2. Install npm [vesion 6.x]

  3. Install pm2 [version 3.5.x]

    curl -sL | bash -
    yum -y install nodejs
    yum install gcc-c++ make
    npm install pm2@latest -g
  4. Copy server.js, router.js and package.json on root or /

  5. Go to the path where package.json is copied

  6. Execute the command

    npm install

  7. If you have cPanel hosting along with a lightspeed webserver, you will need to add rewrite rules under the path as given below:

    #cd /etc/apache2/conf.d/userdata
    #vi chat.conf
    Add the below code into the chat.config file:
    <IfModule litespeed>
    RewriteRule /support/chat/(.*)$1 [P]
    #<Location /support/chat >
  8. Set the SSL
  9. Start the server using the below command
#pm2 start server.js

Note: If port 3000 is already in use then need to create .env file at the same location where server.js is stored and put the port as below in that file:


Also, make the changes in reverse proxy accordingly.

10. Save the changes and restart the Lightspeed service


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