Introduction of live chat and its features

Sneha Joshi Jun-12th, 2021 9:24 0 0

Introduction and Benefits of providing live chat support.

Live chat is a customer service platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate in real time. A live chat tool can be accessed through various devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones. With a live chat tool, the company can provide support to the website visitors. The customer service representatives can also proactively approach the clients and connect with them.

When you are using Vision Helpdesk live chat tool, you can designate your team members to provide efficient support services to your clients. This live chat tool is a widget which can be displayed on your support portal or you may also display it on your company website. It is browser based and compatible with all the available OS platforms.

Let’s say you have a team of customer support representatives in your organisation. This team is responsible for proactively approaching the online visitors. If you have various departments which help manage different functions. Using VHD chat widget on your website, you can channelise the chat traffic to your respective teams or departments. Such as, if the online visitor is browsing your commercials page and wishes to initiate a chat in order to clarify something, you can direct the chat to your billing team support executives.

Vision Helpdesk provides you with two portals - staff portal and client facing portal. You can configure the live chat widget on the client facing portal as well. When your staff logs in to the staff portal, they can select their status to be displayed on the live chat widget and choose to accept chats accordingly. This and many such additional features can be availed using VHD chat widget. It is easy to configure and highly customisable.

Features of live chat:

  • Browser Based

  • Easy Setup

  • User Friendly

  • Chat Automation

  • Staff Role Segregation

  • Chat Transfer

  • View chat Invisibly

  • Share Attachments

  • Chat to Ticket

  • Chat History

  • Round Robin

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Live chat Reports

  • Custom data gathering

  • Widgets

  • Predefined Responses

  • Chat Bot


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