Message templates in livechat and how to add them

Sneha Joshi Jun-12th, 2021 10:16 0 0

Message template

You can create message templates that can be used at different areas of the live chat. For example we have a greeting message, closing message, offline message, etc.

You can use these message templates to greet your clients and provide them a sophisticated live chat experience.

You can access the live chat message templates from:

Administrator Settings>>Live Chat>>Message Template

There are some predefined message templates present in the system. These templates are mapped with the client responses using live chat automation.

You can also add a custom message template as per your requirement and map it using live chat automation.

Options while adding a message template:

  • Title: This would be the title for the message template

  • Language: You can select the language for the message template here.

  • Display order: This would be the sequence in the list of message templates.

  • Message: The message or body of the template can be added here.

  • Status: You can activate or deactivate the message template here.

  • Add: Click on add to add the message template.


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